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Ozona sandstone, Val Verde Basin, Texas: Synorogenic stratigraphy and depositional history in a Permian foredeep basin H. Scott Hamlin ABSTRACT The Ozona …

Abstract A digital database for the geology of the Murray-Darling Basin was compiled from existing 1:250 000 scale and 1:100 000 scale geological and metallogenic ...

Fig. 1 Terminology of rift-basin stratigraphy used by Bosence (1998) Tectono Πsedimentary models of rift basins: the Gulf of Suez and the Northern Red Sea

Synopsis The gold and base-metal potential of the Pan-African orogens is reviewed. Explorationists in these terranes face two scenarios: ground that has already been

6 AFRICAlPan-African Orogeny the Pan-African orogenic cycle and locally migma- tized andlor mylonitized, either represent eastward ex- tensions of the Tanzania ...

103 13th sinkhole conference . nckri symposium 2. salt karst and collapse structures in the . anadarko basin of oklahoma and texas. kenneth s. johnson

IOCG Mineralization – Greater Lufilian Arc, Africa 3 tion were identified in the Greater Lufilian Arc. There is a widespread series of midalkaline intrusions emplaced

EGU Stephan Mueller Special Publication Series, 3, 1–7, 2002 c European Geosciences Union 2002 Introduction Neotectonics and surface processes: the Pannonian Basin and

1150 The 1 st International Applied Geological Congress, Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University - Mashad Branch, Iran, 26-28 April 2010

5 northeast. The Tintina fault truncates the basin on the southwest. The area is well-known for lead-zinc-silver sedimentary-exhalative (SEDEX)

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